Polyspun Diamond Braided Rope

Polyspun Diamond Braided Rope

Made from 1000 Denier UV treated polypropylene yarn with a spunbond core, Polyspun Diamond Braided Rope can be used as a general all-purpose or Handy-man rope. It is UV stabilised which protects against sun degradation, high abrasion resistance and soft to handle.


Available sizes and approx. break strength:

  • 4mm                                          
  • 235kgf

  • 5mm                                          
  • 420kgf

  • 6mm                                          
  • 500kgf

  • 7mm                                          
  • 880kgf

  • 8mm                                          
  • 1,090kgf

  • 10mm                                        
  • 1,820kgf