Danline Rope

Danline Rope

Made from extruded PP monofilament, Polyflex Rope is well suited to strenuous, load bearing applications as it can resist a high level of abrasion and rot, and there is no loss of strength when wet. Polyflex rope is commonly used for boat mooring, and in the transport industry. It is UV Stabilised which protects against sun degradation and floats in water.


Available sizes and approx. break strength:

  • 12mm                                        
  • 2,900kgf

  • 14mm                                         
  • 3,905kgf

  • 16mm                                         
  • 4,910kgf

  • 18mm                                         
  • 6,300kgf

  • 20mm                                         
  • 7,600kgf

  • 24mm                                        
  • 10,490kgf