High Tenacity Polyester Braided Rope

High Tenacity Polyester Braided Rope

Made using 1440 Dtex high tenacity polyester yarn, High Tenacity Polyester Braided Rope is strong, durable, and easy to handle. It has various applications including borehole installation, securing loads in transit, awning cords and piping cord for upholstery. It is UV stabilised which protects against sun degradation and has a high shock tolerance.


Available sizes and approx. break strength:

  • 4mm                                             
  • 480kgf

  • 5mm                                            
  • 540kgf

  • 6mm                                             
  • 700kgf

  • 7mm                                             
  • 950kgf

  • 8mm                                             
  • 1,255kgf

  • 10mm                                           
  • 1,935kgf

  • 12mm                                           
  • 2,790kgf

  • 14mm                                           
  • 3,800kgf

  • 16mm                                           
  • 4,930kgf

  • 18mm                                           
  • 6,230kgf