About Webtex

Webtex (Pvt) Ltd is structured to provide your operations with the best solutions to meet your specific requirements whether large or small. We are proudly Zimbabwean, with more than 80 years of combined experience in the textile manufacturing industry. And so, this experience gives our team the knowledge and expertise required to manufacture only the highest quality products. We view agriculture as being the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy and so it’s with this in mind that we strive to support the industry’s growth by offering quality and affordable solutions to the industry.

Strategy and Vision

Given the time sensitive nature of the agricultural industry, your success depends on being first to market with high quality goods. That is why at Webtex (Pvt) Ltd, our focus is on helping you meet your requirements and objectives. Our commitment to customer service goes well beyond mere supply, it is a core principle which drives our team to always look for new ideas that lead to better solutions.

In terms of specific markets, the company is exporting its cotton twines, regionally. Our goal is to become the leading supplier to these markets by adding value locally through the use of Zimbabwean grown cotton fibre to manufacture products for these export markets.

Management Team

Neill Russell-Smith

Mr. Russell-Smith has over 40 years’ experience in the textile industry, having studied and received his Bachelor of Arts Honours (Textile Management) from Leeds University. Mr. Russell-Smith worked in the United States of America for a company specialising in the manufacture of parachute cord for the defence forces and specialized lacing cords for the aircraft and spacecraft industry. On returning to Zimbabwe Mr. Russell-Smith was involved in the importation of specialised textile manufacturing machinery before establishing Nets & Ropes (Pvt) Ltd, which became a well-known local textile manufacturing company. At its peak, it employed over 300 staff and operated on a 24 hour basis, manufacturing a number of products used primarily within the agriculture industry. The company was owned and operated by Mr. Russell-Smith and Mr Barry Oosthuizen for more than 20 years before he took the decision to retire from that company. Consequently, it is this wealth of experience and knowledge that Mr. Russell-Smith has bought to Webtex (Pvt) Ltd.

Technical Consultant

Our technical consultant Barry Oosthuizen obtained his Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering) from Natal University and also has over 40 years’ experience in the textile industry. Throughout his career our technical director was responsible for the commissioning, maintenance and output of a wide range of plastic extrusion, warp knitting, twisting and rope manufacturing machinery. His role involved applying his extensive mechanical and technical knowledge to ensure the machines under his supervision performed optimally at all times.

Julie Russell-Smith
Sales and Marketing

Miss Russell-Smith studied and received a dual Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) and Bachelor of Business (Business Management) from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. After completing her studies she returned to Zimbabwe where she worked in sales administration for a textile company for 2.5 years.

Ian Russell-Smith

Mr. Russell-Smith studied in Australia and received his Bachelor of Business Management (Property Development) from the University of Queensland, Brisbane before returning to Zimbabwe and investing in a beverage manufacturing and distribution company. The experience of managing the operations of this beverage company provided Mr. Russell-Smith with the skills necessary to oversee key financial and administrative areas of Webtex (Pvt) Ltd.